Driving under the influence of intoxication or drug 24
Drifting 24
Cross the traffic light at the red light. 12
Driving the vehicle in the opposite direction of traffic. 12
Dribbling spped between vehicles on public roads. 8
Non-compliance with the security man's reference manual. 8
Driving the vehicle without brakes or lights. 8
No full stops at stop signs. 6
Not subject to the rules of preference. 6
Exceeding the speed limit by more than 25 Km per hour. 6
Not giving the piriority to the vehicles within the roundabout. 6
Overtaking in areas that prevent overtaking. 6
Stand on the rail road. 6
Exceed the speed limit not more than 25 Km per hour. 4
Driving in the tracks is dedicated to you. 4
Beyond the school bus at the stop download or download. 4
No cover and shell-borne load. 4
Any amendment or addition to the structures or object vehicle without taking the statutory procedures. 4
No seat belt. 2
Use of hand-held mobile phone while driving. 2
Not to wear helmet while driving a motorcycle. 2