Obtaining a permit or a driver's license.

3.5 tons

Must be adhered to ,but does not consider the condition of the road and weather conditions and circumstances.

Mentioned in A, B should not exceed that period one year.

Your acceptance of the responsibility to comply with traffic rules and regulations.

Do not drive on the roads by the management review before extracting permit or license

80 km per hour

50 km per hour

100 km per hour

120 km per hour

Indicator reference and make sure others know this

The region that can not be seen without moving the head

Does not allow ocertaking.

Allow overtaking vehicles coming from the opposite direction

Lacking visions in the opposite direction

Stop your vehicle beside the road to take a break

Reduce the chances of injury and severity at the time of the accident

Very necessary

Insurance Against non-cooperative.

Separation of the dispute between the parties to ensure the incident is not material rights

Inside the Rotor

30 meters

Illuminates the lights of the vehicle.




Pay a fine for traffic and add points to the driver's record

Chest and abdomen together.

All or some of the above.

All Roads

To monitor violations of the driver


Use the pointer (reference)

Moving in a straight line

To circumvent

Prevention overtaking

Speed with which you drive your vehicle

Allow them to priority traffic

Reducing Speed

Increase Speed


Wearing a helmet for the head

One year without committing traffic violation

Not exceed 80 km / h for small cars and 50 km / h for large cars

Cutting speed and the reference

Emergency items

All vehicles

Triangle of safety and the Fire Extinguisher

Abide by taking in account the road conditions

The driver who always takes positive attitudes towards leadership

Your knowledge and understanding

Stop and walk a little to get rid of stress

It is strictly prehipited

This is a traffic violation

Run Over

Stop until the bus goes

Low Level of Vision

With a white stick

Stand on the right side of the road

Reduce Speed, Attention

100 meters long


Always true

Remove the vehicle from the road

B, then A

Three Numbers

Speeding down gradually and controlling the steering wheel until the vehicle is parked

Strong pressure over the place of bleeding

The less of the ability to control the vehicle,

Sliding or overturning the vehicle

They Do not be afraid of them and do not move away from them.

Reduce speed and wait until they cross the road

Reducing the speed

An obstacle to the rescue operations and a reason for the occurrence of other incidents

Stop your vehicle off the road after the accident has passed

Withdrawal of License for a year and the Application of the legal boundaries

Do not cut a long distance during the night and stop to take a break

This is a wrong act

Often causes drowsiness

Centrifugal force